Multicultural Student Engagement

Every student’s University experience is enhanced by the diversity of the Rivier community. We offer programming and events that build connection and understanding among our students, faculty, and staff.

Growth and education don’t take place only in the classroom. Rivier’s mission to transform hearts and minds is enhanced and deepened by the relationships that form between individuals of all backgrounds.

A Welcoming Community

The Office of Multicultural Student Engagement is deeply committed to holistic student development, providing events related to diversity, multiculturalism, inclusion, social justice, intersectionality, globalization, and internationalism. Whether through our Heritage and Identity Months or our “Let’s Talk About” series, we celebrate the identities and communities that are a part of Rivier, educating participants and encouraging open communication and understanding.

We encourage you to explore opportunities for engagement and reach out to your fellow students. If you have ideas for programming or collaboration, we welcome your input and look forward to hearing from you.

As a Rivier graduate and staff member, I’m able to be a direct resource for all, and I have an open-door policy for all students. I encourage students to get involved because having the ability to help others understand one another and celebrate our uniqueness is what makes us so special. It’s also a great feeling to be a part of something bigger than yourself and to truly make a difference in others' lives.


Office of Multicultural Student Engagement